Our Bond

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At Sierra Holdings we understand that the relationship between a client and their investment adviser must be based on professionalism and trust. Hence, the entire infrastructure of our business is based on the fundamental principle of putting our clients first.

The key to delivering a first class service lies with identifying a client’s needs and delivering a customized investment solution. Because every client is unique, a one size fits all approach is rarely in a client’s best interest.

At Sierra Holdings we believe that by giving advisers the ability to select investments and make choices on a purely independent and unbiased basis, this enables them to create the right investment strategy for our investors.


Mission Statement

Ever since our inception, Sierra Holdings has been at the forefront of innovative financial solutions and success for our ever growing list of clients across the globe. Today, after continually sustained growth, Sierra Holdings continues to offer extensive identification of profitable world class investment opportunities and our excellent performance so far has been achieved through continuous evaluation of our business strategy, adapting to market opportunities and responding to the needs of our clients.

Our reputation in the international financial markets continues to grow. Sierra Holdings has already earned the unique distinction of becoming a world leader for those we are working to offer a strengthened financial future. Our success would not have been possible the continual support and views of our clients, which is why you can be sure no matter how large we grow we will always remember where we came from and who helped us get there;